Mary Makofske

 “…the edge of the sea,
where the sun melts us down
again into bodies only,
our ears whorled shells
confusing the sound of waves
with the surge of blood.”

“Mary Makofske pays keen attention to the arresting details of the physical world and reflects on life—both personal and public— in mature, finely-crafted, intelligent poems that range from charming to poignant, witty to fierce, intimate to philosophical. World Enough, and Time is rich with ‘birth songs and keening, / the music that plays while the god/ is torn and eaten, / the forces that hold the world / together and blow it apart.’”

Ellen Bass, author of Like a Beggar and The Human Line

Events and

Reading with authors from anthology Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California: Saturday, October 10, 4-6 p.m. sponsored by Poets House will be available on YouTube.

Essay “Support the Troops” online in About Place

Poem “Sex Crimes Detective, Off Duty” online in The American Journal of Poetry