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from World Enough, and Time:

Call Me To Follow
             for Adrienne Rich (1929-2012)

Call me from the garden where peonies rust and droop,
dahlias falter, heavy with blooms, tomatoes sprawl in dust

Where beetles ravage, wireworms burrow
and weeds grow best
there is much to nurture and protect

Call me from birdsong and sun on my back
scent of cilantro and mint

Call me from kitchens where I improvise,
stir love with basil, pasta, beans

Call me from stories my grandson makes
fireflies and castles in the sand
his eyelids fluttering as he dreams

Call me from play with words
their liquid and gravel sounds
mere whimsy, baubles

Call me from the path through woods to a view of the lake
from falcon’s dive, from garter snake
that lives among rocks by the waterfall

All that I love, where I could spend my life

Call me from failings, aches and pains,
lost memories, dead friends
from time that speeds up toward my own time’s end

All that will disappear, my personal grief
Call me from rest, dozing in the shade,
into the glare of another’s day

Call me from sleep into the dark
where I find myself
under stars of  the daughter sold for bread